Graphitos Luxury Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger with One by One Drop Down Rods

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  • Safety Conscious Design: The Ceiling Cloth Hanger has been designed with Safety in mind.The side holder has additional rope locking holes in which you can pass the excess rope to lock in the drop down height limit of the ceiling cloth hanger. This will ensure in case of slip, the rods do not drop beyond a certain limit from the ceiling preventing the rods to hurt anyone.
  • High grade Ceiling holders: ABS plastic has properties like strong impact resistance strong heat resistance, high tensile strength, shock absorbance & scratch resistance. This makes the ABS plastic ceiling holders ideal for any weather condition across India
  • Double Braid Fiber Ropes: Strength and resistance to high temperature are two major virtues of the Fiber braided ropes used in our ceiling cloth hanger. The logitivity of the entire structure is increased with the addition of these ropes that are ideal the most wear and tear susceptible component of the cloth dryer
  • Stainless Steel rods: This variant comes with 202 grade stainless steel rods that are thoroughly quality checked to ensure there are no cracks, bends and ovality. This will ensure the pipes will stay rust proofed for the longest duration